YouTube Dethrones Justin Bieber As Most Disliked Video

If you ever wanted to see a community throw a tantrum at a company, but still use their product, welcome to YouTube.

Every year, YouTube does a Rewind video where they focus on big events that happened on their platform during the year. In the past, the Rewinds featured the Top 10 most viewed videos that were connected through a narration.  Lately, it appears YouTube wants to make an extended commercial for their platform instead of giving credit to it content creators.

T-Series and PewDiePie have been at a mini war for subscribers recently. Logan Paul filmed a dead body. Big names like H3 and Shane Dawson had major videos this year as well.  None of this was featured in the 2018 Rewind.

Because YouTube continues to not address issues that happened, they received a lot of dislikes for this video. Justin Bieber faced almost 11 million dislikes for “Baby”. Rebecca Brown faced a lot as well before taking it off YouTube.  This YouTube Rewind is already at 13 million dislikes with only 2.3 likes.  While a big part is due to not addressing actual trends, they also promoted it heavily on people’s feeds.

While some of the trends did happen, such as Fortnite, they missed a large portion of their users with this video.

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