Video Game Releases (11/6-11/12)

The game releases are beginning to pick up again for the holiday season. World of Final Fantasy Maxima finally comes out for all platforms and is expected to be a hit.  It will also be interesting to see how the new Walking Dead game is and seeing what Overkill tries to do with the series.

Check out the full list below:

November 6th

  • ARK: Extinction (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • GRIP (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
  • Omen of Sorrow (PS4)
  • The Forest (PS4)
  • Road Redemption (PS4, Switch)
  • Transpose (Rift, Vive, PS VR)
  • Carnival Games (Switch)
  • Brawlhalla (Xbox One, Switch)
  • Overkill’s The Walking Dead (PC)
  • Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry (PC)
  • Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon (PC, PS4)
  • Deracine (PSVR)
  • World of Final Fantasy Maxima (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

November 7th

  • HellSign – Steam Early Access (PC)
  • Fluffy Horde (PC)
  • Kursk (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! (PC)
  • Steel Rats (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

November 8th

  • Survival Ball (PC)
  • Valiant Hearts (Switch)
  • Crashlands (Switch)
  • The Bug Butcher (Switch)
  • Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix (Switch)
  • Rage in Peace (PC, Switch)
  • Battlezone Gold Edition (Switch)

November 9th

  • Tetris Effect (PS4, PSVR)
  • Anno Domini 2018: Townsmen (Switch)
  • Forgotton Anne (Switch)
  • Battlefield 5 EA/Origin Access trial (PC, Xbox One)
  • Hitman 2 Gold and Collector’s Editions (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • 11-11: Memories Retold (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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