UFC 229 Ends in Dramatic Brawl

Everybody was waiting for this event for many months.  Conor McGregor was going to defend his Lightweight Title against Khabib Nurmagomedov.  Tension was high since the matchup was announced.  Earlier this year in April, McGregor’s team vandalized Nurmagomedov’s bus and assaulted them, which caused two members to be “nearly killed” according to the Nurmagomedov camp. With legal action involved, McGregor faced penalties that could take away his visa.  Luckily for him, he only faced some smaller penalties and fines.

During the weigh-in, it again got heated as most of them do for theatric purposes.  McGregor talked a big game as always.  In his talk, he mentioned how he would’ve killed Khabib in April if he got off the bus and that we would’ve missed seeing the glorious fight.  He also made some anti-Russia and anti-Muslim statements about Nurmagomedov. While it was all about the show for McGregor, Nurmagomedov tried to be as focused as possible, appearing more cold personality-wise to the audience.

After all the undercard fights happened, the main card was ready to start.  Both fighters were known to be good strikers.  Nurmagomedov landed a few more strikes than McGregor, but threw almost 40 more.  McGregor’s downfall was that he doesn’t have much of a takedown style.  Nurmagomedov took advantage of that in Round 4 and won through submission. 

After the ref called the match, Nurmagomedov hopped the octagon’s fence and fought McGregor’s team in the crowd.  McGregor tried to join in, but was struck by members of Nurmagomedov’s team in the octagon.  Police action was involved, although McGregor says he doesn’t want to press charges.  Both are immigrants to the US and both could lose their visas due to this incident.


In other news, Derrick Lewis gave a great post-fight interview with Joe Rogan:

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