Tough Defense Leads to Near Knockout

Another reason why the fans love college hoops more than the NBA.

North Central College faced Augustana College last night where Augustana won 76-59.  While North Central was down, that didn’t stop Sophomore guard Blaise Meredith from playing tough defense. In the clip below, he does a full court sprint down to block a layup.  He also almost manages to knock himself out as well.

Luckily for him, he was fine after a few minutes, but they still lost the game.

Maybe he will make ESPN’s “Not Top 10” at least.


LA Lakers Reject Winning Fan High Five

At halftime, most NBA games feature a show with a possible competition for money or valuable prize.  Last night’s game had a $30k half-court shot competition.  One lucky fan was picked and actually made the shot.  During his celebration lap, he tried to celebrate with the Lakers, but was quickly shut down and reined in by the cheerleaders.  At least he was a good sport about it.  Watch the video below to see the events unfold.