Steph Curry Thinks Moon Landing Was Faked

Earlier this week, Steph Curry appeared on Vince Carter’s podcast called “Winging It“.  It’s a podcast where famous basketball players get together and talk about random subjects. One of the topics that came up was if we ever landed on the moon.  Amazingly, they all agreed that we’ve never been there.  Curry even implied that the government was covering up the past.

While they all agreed they thought it was staged, Curry is taking most of the heat.  He is being covered all over because of his ideas.  Astronaut Scott Kelly, who recently got back from his 520 days in space, even chimed in on Twitter.

It will be interesting to see how Curry will respond to all the people poking fun at him.  The Warriors are also not having one of their better starts and have internal team drama, so Curry is having an exciting year it looks like.

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