Spotify Offers Free Smart Speaker

Ever wanted a smart home device? Well now’s your chance.

Spotify has announced that from now until the end of the year, any user that upgrades or continues their family plan will get a coupon for a free Google Home Mini.  A Spotify Premium Family Account will run you $14.99 USD and can support up to 6 separate users as long as they have the same home address.

The Google Home Mini has a retail price of $49.99 USD.  It has mostly positive reviews and incorporates well with the Google products you may use, such as YouTube and Chromecast. It can also interact with some smart appliances as well such as lights and TV’s.

Overall, if you like listening to Spotify or need a platform for offline music during road trips, you should probably take up this offer.  Even if you want to cancel the subscription after one month, you still save $35 on the Google Home Mini.

You can find additional info here.

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