Songs Under the Radar: 9/21


The Chainsmokers are back once again with their hit, “This Feeling”.  It features Kelsea Ballerini, which isn’t her typical genre. Listen to how their different styles collaborate.


With not much announcement, Avril dropped this single almost out of nowhere. She comes back with a more mature voice than you may be used to.


Loote is still a fairly upcoming artist, so most of their work goes unnoticed by the average lostener. Be sure to watch them climb in popularity.


“Swap Meet” is a song that brings you back to the ’08 rap scene. It’s got a good beat to blast in the car and most of the words aren’t mumbled.


Last but not least, we have Kevin Gates’s new single. While the title may throw some shade at the #MeToo movement, it’s an enjoyable song to listen to. Due to the contents of this song, there’s no way it’ll be played on the radio anytime soon.


And those are the hidden hits of the week. Check them out now!

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