Songs Under The Radar: 11/9

Don’t let the radio dictate your music taste. Here’s some fresh tunes you won’t hear.

Twerk by City Girls is one of those songs that you just put on and feel a lot cooler than you are. It’s a shorter song compared to most, but for two and a half minutes you feel like you’re back in high school doing stuff you shouldn’t.

Allan Kingdom and TyBass are two upcoming rappers and their song “Today” talks about all the struggles they overcame. They also put out a flashy music video with lyrics, so you can sing along and don’t have to look up RapGenius.

One thing Jonas Blue does real well is finding fresh new talent. His new song “Desperate” adds vocals from Nina Nesbitt. Because of the collab, both artists profit much more. For as much as Jonas Blue brings, he still isn’t widely known in America though.

Steve Aoki is another DJ that does some collabs with artists. While Aoki tends to use bigger names, they often are bands that aren’t normally associated with his brand. This time he’s brought in the new blink-182 to assist. I’m still not sure if this works, but the attempt makes it worth it.

Last up this week comes from Matoma. He’s bringing his tropical sounds and incorporating them with Josie Dunne’s church vibe in “Sunday Morning”. This song is great to wake up to in the morning, but would also turn a church into a club real quick.

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