Songs Under The Radar: 11/30

Every week tons of music gets sifted through to find the next big hits. Here’s a sample of what you may hear on the radio in the next few months:

First up this week is “Feeling of Falling” by Cheat Codes and Kim Petras. These two artist have very similar sounds that they like to use. This song follows pattern and is good to see the two of them collab on a song like this.

“Bye Bye” by Gryffin features vocals from a relatively new artist named Ivy Adara. It’s not uncommon for random females to sing vocals on an EDM track. We will see if this is a one track deal or if things will build.

Kwame is not to be confused with the old American rapper from the 80’s. He is a new upcoming rapper in 2018 and he’s not American which makes his market appeal harder. His lyrics in “CLOUDS.” flow smoothly throughout. Give him a listen and try to find the current Kwame.

“Call You” by Cash Cash reminds me a little of “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz. Similar sounds and title names probably isn’t a coincidence. The previous song was looped constantly for hours and maybe this one will be too.

Hilltop Hoods is back bringing old sounding rap into 2018. “Leave Me Lonely” is a rap song where there is an accent, but is still understandable if you try to rap it in front of your friends. Plus they aren’t well known in America, so you can show off as well.


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