Songs Under The Radar: 11/2

Here are some of this week’s hidden tracks you should give a listen to:


First up, we have Miss Blanks’ “This Bitch”.  This song could have easily been featured in Vine videos, if it was still around. It’s a fun song to sing the chorus, but in no way should be repeated in a work/school/church environment.  Miss Blanks is an upcoming rapper doing shows with Nicki Minaj and Lil Pump, so maybe we’ll see more of her.

Next, we have a cover song from The Greatest Showman. Panic! At The Disco covers one of the major songs performed in the film and may have done it better than the original.  This cover could almost go with the “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” music video with the circus getup.  Brandon Urie was made to sing this song.

“Sweetheart” by Glades is this week’s mindless song.  The lyrics are easily forgotten, but the drop is pretty unique.  I can see this song getting possible remixes or even mashups taking the beat from it.

Tame Impala will be the big name to draw you into listening to this song.  The feature along side the tambourine hits will bring you into a relaxed feeling. It feels very Cali-Hawaiian. It’ll make you feel like you’re at the beach either way.

Last song for this week is “Baby” by Clean Bandit.  Clean Bandit is know for using string instruments in Dance genre music.  This one uses some acoustic guitar sounds that mixes with an Tango flavor.  Marina and The Diamonds have such a unique sound that hasn’t been heard in awhile and being paired up with Luis Fonsi works well with the beat.

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