Songs Under The Radar: 11/16

Here’s some songs that are deserving more play time this week.

“I’m Yours” by Mashd N Kutcher is a song that deserves more attention. The Chainsmokers put out a new song that is alright, but looking from the wide view, both artists are very similar from their origins. Mashd N Kutcher don’t put out new music every other month, but they make quality over quantity.

“Follow My Girl” is a song by a band I’ve never heard of called The Japanese House. The words feel blended in with the beat, which makes it a good song to zone out to. Probably will see them touring some indie festivals in the future.

This next song is a little bit of a mess, but Psychedelic Porn Crumpets is too great of a band name to ignore. The title, “My Friend’s A Liquid”, adds to the weirdness of the band. Have your friends listen to this so you get the pleasure of telling them the name of the band.

This song I’m surprised didn’t make the top 10 songs this week. “Lights On” gives the people the beginning of the new Christmas music. It was inspired by the Grinch, but has Tyler, The Creator on it with Santigold and Ryan Beatty. I know it’s before Thanksgiving, but give it a chance.

Lastly, another song by a big band that somehow got missed this week. Mumford & Sons have given us this new single and the people have underestimated it. I expect to hear this on radio in the near future though.


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