Songs Under The Radar: 10/5

First up this week comes from Charli XCX and Troye Sivan. 1999 brings back sounds that we haven’t heard since the beginning of the millennium with Brittney Spears, TLC, etc.  Even the EP cover picture brings back old vibes.

Jonas Blue isn’t as big in the US as he ought to be. This new single has a catchy beat with good lyrics behind it. You’ll recognize Liam Payne formerly a part of the band, One Direction.

Next up this week is a band called Stand Atlantic.  This band has a very Paramore-ish punk-rock sound to them.  This sound could bring them to the top of the scene.  But be warned, their album cover is sort of NSFW.

In My Mind Part 3 is now out.  Who knew there was a part 2 to this song? Anyways, Flo Rida is back and he never disappoints with his songs. So check this out and keep his name relevant even though he never gets much radio time anymore.

Last up for this week is a group I’ve never heard about until today.  Kings put out this EP today and it is ear-catching.  Maybe this group will be upcoming in the rap scene or they might be a one-hit wonder.  Only time will tell.


Let us know if we missed any new song that you feel in underappreciated.

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