Remember when Superman dated Captain Marvel: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Review

Over the weekend, I re-watched a film that debuted over 8 years ago.  That movie was Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. When this movie was announced that it was coming to Netflix, I couldn’t wait to see it again.  For those unaware, this movie is based on a series of graphic novels that follow Scott Pilgrim (played by Michael Cera) on his quest to defeat his new love’s evil exes.

Initially, when I saw the names of all the stars that appear in this film, I was amazed to see how many I recognized.  A lot of them have gone onto do big projects of their own, such as Chris Evans becoming Captain America, Brie Larson becoming Captain Marvel, Brandon Routh becoming Superman, etc.

Because this movie tries to fit in 6 volumes of stories in one film, it’s a chaotic start for those who didn’t read them.  Events move constantly with rarely any static scene, for which the camera-work is phenomenal.  I found that my friend who didn’t read the books didn’t fully grasp the plot of the movie until about 25 minutes in. There were a lot of scenes in the movie that I forgot how much I liked, such as the Clash at Demonhead’s performance.

Every actor/actress performed amazingly and was well cast in the film.  With all the constant moving around, it was easy to get lost or not fully understand scenes, but it was never a lull.  Rotten Tomato’s has it sitting at around an 82% and it even got an arcade style video game as well.  Amazingly, this film didn’t make the money anticipated and was considered a financial flop.  Considering the events of that time with the stock markets slumping, it makes sense that it didn’t perform as well as it did.

With this movie now on Netflix, there is little excuse to not watch this enjoyable film.  You may want to head to your local library and read the source material before the first viewing for  better understanding though.

TLDR: Read the books, Watch the movie, Play the Game

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