Border Patrol Agent Burns $8 Million For Gender Reveal

Dennis Dickey, 37, of Tucson, Arizona is known by many titles. His most prominent title used to be his Border Patrol Agent, but now it is most likely Arsonist.

Dickey, his wife, and a few of their friends were holding a gender reveal party last year out in a field. A gender reveal party is when an object is filled with a substance that creates a pink or blue aftermath to show everybody the gender (typically blue = boy and pink = girl). Parties like these used to be simple with a balloon release or cupcake filling to announce gender.  People now have begun to up their game.

Dickey decided to endanger his pregnant wife and friends by using tannerite, a highly explosive substance, in a dry brush field.  Luckily one of his friends recorded the explosion that you can see here.  And to follow up, instead of dousing the flames they created, they just left the scene for the fire to spread.

The end result was that we now know he was having a son. After a few weeks, we also know that fire did upwards of $8 million of damage to the Sawmill area. He will now face 5 years of probation and will have to pay back the damage costs starting with an initial $100,000 payment.  Local reports say he will most likely have to pay $500 a month for 20 years, which only total $220,000.

Looks like his newborn son won’t be getting any presents anytime soon. Such a Dickey move.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Dates Announced

The publisher Rockstar has announced that the online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be coming to all players by this Friday.

Starting today, players that own the Ultimate Edition of the game will get access online. Players that played on launch day will be able to join on Wednesday. If you played it during the first weekend, you will have access on Thursday. If you don’t meet any of the previous marks, then you will be the last in starting Friday.

While the exact times haven’t been announced, this is still exciting news for everybody. As some may remember, they tried a global launch of GTA V Online and failed massively. Servers were unplayable for a couple of weeks and even still today, gamers are faced with long load times. This delayed release will hopefully solve some of these problems.

This will also be the first time we will see the costs of in-game items. Rockstar is known for milking their games by adding expensive items that either need a long grind for in-game money or require a real-life purchase of in-game money. Hopefully they have fixed this issue as well. Many users found the payouts weren’t as rewarding as they should’ve been.

Hopefully they allow the lasso in this version of online as well.

Video Game Releases: 11/27

Another fun week of game releases for all consoles.  If you own an Xbox One, PS4, or PC, look into playing Darksiders III. The first two recently got remastered and are quite fun, but lack the replay value.  If you have a Switch, Katamari Damacy Reroll comes this Friday. See the full release schedule below:

November 27th

  • Darksiders III (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
  • Spintires: Mudrunner – American Wilds (Switch)

November 28th

  • Artifact (PC)

November 29th

  • NAIRI: Tower of Shirin (Switch)
  • Fimbul (PS4)
  • Asterix & Obelix XXL (PS4, Switch)

November 30th

  • Katamari Damacy Reroll (Switch, PC) – November 30
  • Ride 3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Cyber Monday Deal: Hulu

Big news if you’ve ever wanted to try Hulu out.

For today only, Hulu is offering their standard service with fewer ads for only $0.99 a month for the first year. The normal price for this plan sits at $7.99 a month, so you’ll save $84 for the year.

This plan allows you to access their full catalog of shows for your viewing pleasure.  With all that savings, you can even add an additional package of HBO, Starz, etc. for roughly the same price as the standard normally is.

Only downside to this deal is for existing customers and international customers.  This deal is only good for new members that reside in the US. Though it hasn’t been verified, I would assume you could make a separate email account for this deal if you so wanted.

This offer expires at 11:59PM PST, so don’t wait too long for this deal.

German Teen Loses License After 49 Minutes

Germany is home to the famous Autobahn. The Autobahn has no set speed limit, but has cautionary areas around towns and construction sites.  It is every teenager’s dream to go flying down that highway.

Unfortunately, one teen sped down the wrong road.  The unnamed individual recently got his driver’s license and wanted to show off with his friends.  According to the local police, he was clocked doing 45 km/h (28 mph) over the speed limit just 49 minutes after he got his new license.

He now faces a roughly $227 fine and must take driving classes again.  He also has a ban from driving for an unannounced period of time.

Remote Islanders Kill American Preacher

Not all places want your religion an American tourist found out.

John Allen Chau was killed on the North Sentinel Island sometime within the past week. The North Sentinel Island is known as being one of the last places that continue the indigenous ways. They have known to be hostile towards outsiders to the point where India banned people from getting too close.

Fishermen transported Chau earlier this week to where he claimed he was going to preach to them and convert them to his religion.  When the fishermen returned a few days later to pick him up, he was found dead. The fishermen were both arrested for their involvement of transportation.

The Sentinelese will not be charged with murder, since it is prohibited to enter their land. The body is still on their island and isn’t clear if it will be recovered back to America.

Pennsylvania Snow Camel Brings Season Joy

Forget Rudolph and the gang this Christmas. It’s all about Einstein the snow camel for Pennsylvania residents.  With the recent snow storms last Thursday, a lot of roads were not properly salted or plowed.  Einstein and handler were on route to a petting zoo party before becoming stuck in traffic. With such a heavy animal on such a snowy road, the vehicle was forced to have the camel walk a little to gain traction again.

Einstein brought a lot of laughs and smiles of people around the world that weren’t expecting to see a desert animal in the middle of a snow storm.

Video Game Releases: 11/20

Battlefield V has finally come out for all this week.  While some missed out by not buying the deluxe version, you can now make up for that lost time.  Another big console release this week is Warframe.  It’s been out for awhile on every console, so we will see how it turned out on the Switch. It’s also free to play. Check out the list below for the big releases this week:

November 20th

  • Battlefield V (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
  • Warframe (Switch)
  • Wreckfest (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Farming Simulator 19 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC (PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Spider-Man PS4: Turf Wars DLC (PS4)

Thanksgiving Recipe: Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Looking for a way to add weight this holiday season?

Here’s a simple Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving recipe to make your friends fatter.

Prep Time: 15 Mins.

Cook Time: 25 Mins.

Calories: ~339