New DVD/Blu-Ray Releases For 10/9

Thanks to our friends at, here are this week’s new movie releases for DVD and Blu-ray.   This week’s highlighted film is Eighth Grade. It’s an indie comedy created by comedian Bo Burnham.  It currently sits on Rotten Tomatoes  at a 98% and keeps receiving praise from critics.




UFC 229 Ends in Dramatic Brawl

Everybody was waiting for this event for many months.  Conor McGregor was going to defend his Lightweight Title against Khabib Nurmagomedov.  Tension was high since the matchup was announced.  Earlier this year in April, McGregor’s team vandalized Nurmagomedov’s bus and assaulted them, which caused two members to be “nearly killed” according to the Nurmagomedov camp. With legal action involved, McGregor faced penalties that could take away his visa.  Luckily for him, he only faced some smaller penalties and fines.

During the weigh-in, it again got heated as most of them do for theatric purposes.  McGregor talked a big game as always.  In his talk, he mentioned how he would’ve killed Khabib in April if he got off the bus and that we would’ve missed seeing the glorious fight.  He also made some anti-Russia and anti-Muslim statements about Nurmagomedov. While it was all about the show for McGregor, Nurmagomedov tried to be as focused as possible, appearing more cold personality-wise to the audience.

After all the undercard fights happened, the main card was ready to start.  Both fighters were known to be good strikers.  Nurmagomedov landed a few more strikes than McGregor, but threw almost 40 more.  McGregor’s downfall was that he doesn’t have much of a takedown style.  Nurmagomedov took advantage of that in Round 4 and won through submission. 

After the ref called the match, Nurmagomedov hopped the octagon’s fence and fought McGregor’s team in the crowd.  McGregor tried to join in, but was struck by members of Nurmagomedov’s team in the octagon.  Police action was involved, although McGregor says he doesn’t want to press charges.  Both are immigrants to the US and both could lose their visas due to this incident.


In other news, Derrick Lewis gave a great post-fight interview with Joe Rogan:

Songs Under The Radar: 10/5

First up this week comes from Charli XCX and Troye Sivan. 1999 brings back sounds that we haven’t heard since the beginning of the millennium with Brittney Spears, TLC, etc.  Even the EP cover picture brings back old vibes.

Jonas Blue isn’t as big in the US as he ought to be. This new single has a catchy beat with good lyrics behind it. You’ll recognize Liam Payne formerly a part of the band, One Direction.

Next up this week is a band called Stand Atlantic.  This band has a very Paramore-ish punk-rock sound to them.  This sound could bring them to the top of the scene.  But be warned, their album cover is sort of NSFW.

In My Mind Part 3 is now out.  Who knew there was a part 2 to this song? Anyways, Flo Rida is back and he never disappoints with his songs. So check this out and keep his name relevant even though he never gets much radio time anymore.

Last up for this week is a group I’ve never heard about until today.  Kings put out this EP today and it is ear-catching.  Maybe this group will be upcoming in the rap scene or they might be a one-hit wonder.  Only time will tell.


Let us know if we missed any new song that you feel in underappreciated.

Top Music Releases for the Week of 10/5

Here are the Top 10 new songs for this week in North America according to Spotify:

  1. Without Me – Halsey
  2. Tints (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – Anderson .Paek, Kendrick Lamar
  3. Never Recover (Lil Baby & Gunna, Drake) – Lil Baby, Gunna, Drake
  4. STOOPID – 6ix9ine, Bobby Shmurda
  5. Morph – Twenty One Pilots
  6. I’ll Never Love Again – Film Version – Radio Edit – Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
  7. Trust My Lonely – Alessia Cara
  8. Multi Millionaire (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) – Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert
  9. Jaleo – Nicky Jam, Steve Aoki
  10. Comeback Kid – Sharon Van Etten


October Revives A Dead Company

Toys R Us announced bankruptcy earlier in 2018 and said they would sell off their intellectual properties.  That auction just recently finished up and after seeing the bids, the company announced that it was “not reasonably likely to yield a superior alternative”.

See the source image

Their new strategy proposed will be to reorganize the company and relaunch as a retail business using the assets they originally planned to sell off.  It is expected that if they open up, the chain will be smaller than their previous model stores.

Back in June, when some of the last businesses were being shut down, their social media post on Facebook hinted that there would be a “new chapter for Geoffrey”.  While it may not be directly related to the proposed relaunch, to some it may look planned from the start and used bankruptcy as an excuse to downsize quicker.

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How To Turn A Cruise Ship Into A Bachelor Party


1)      Be a part of a company that is over 1,000 employees large

2)      Convince the CEO to allow a company cruise to boost moral

3)      Profit.

This is exactly what happened early September on a Royal Caribbean cruise. As reported by the Australian source, 9 News, one company did this to the horrors of other passengers. Kamla Pasand, an Indian tobacco company, blocked roughly 1,300 tickets for their employees for a cruise. The cruise ship, Voyager of the Seas, travels around East Australia and Southeast Asia and leaves port from Sydney, Australia. Its’ trips vary between 2- 5 days, this one was only 3 nights long.

While docked overnight in certain ports, some cruise lines allow to bring guests on-board for certain hours.  What happened with this cruise is that the men from the tobacco company brought along burlesque dancers that were wearing “Playboy Bunny” outfits. They also brought “crates on crates” of their own food.  Passengers described the top deck as being a constant block-party.

Customers said they were unable to use many of the facilities onboard.

Credit: A Current Affair

Privacy was gone from the families as well. Phones from Kamla Pasand employees were out constantly recording events and other families’ reactions.  Many events, such as bingo, trivia, and other activities, were canceled due to not enough participation due to deck activity.  Even the movie screen was hijacked by the tobacco company, showing their advertisement videos instead of showing the popular Hollywood movies originally planned.

After the cruise got back, many families went to complain about their experience to Royal Caribbean.  The cruise company responded with giving refunds to the families’ affected by the tragic experience. The company said they will try to prevent this from happening in the future.  For the employees of Kamla Pasand, they received no punishment, but probably won’t be able to book that many company tickets in the future.

Wi-Fi Gets A New Naming System

With the next generation of Wi-Fi connectivity, The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced a change to their naming policies. The names of the versions will now use numbers instead of letters at the end.  The new naming convention will go as follows:

Wi-Fi 1: Previously Known As 802.11b

Wi-Fi 2: Previously Known As 802.11a

Wi-Fi 3: Previously Known As 802.11g

Wi-Fi 4: Previously Known As 802.11n

Wi-Fi 5: Previously Known As 802.11ac

Wi-Fi 6: Originally Known As 802.11ax

The Wi-Fi Alliance covers almost all companies and products that have anything to do with wireless connections.  With the naming system, people will no longer have to search which version is the most up-to-date with security features and speed.  Now people will know that the higher number represents the newest the market has.

The largest problem with this switch is how companies advertise it.  Because it is so fresh, many companies already have ads stating they support 802.11ax connections.  It’s very possible customers may be turned away from a product without proper explanation.  However, most customers don’t understand the differences between the versions to begin with. 

This new naming convention has been talked about for years and has almost become a running joke in the IT community for why they picked the letters to start with. Now with numbers, it is more intuitive to all and will hopefully lead to happier consumers and faster products.


App of the Week: Marvel Unlimited

With Infinity War out on digital and physical discs and Captain Marvel coming up, one might feel lost trying to understand where the story is going within the MCU.  There are so many people to keep track of and we know the movies can’t show all the things that the comics can.  Comic books are now a little costly item, selling for around $2.50 an issue.  Luckily Marvel has created an app to solve some of those woes.

Coming at a cost of $69.99 yearly or $9.99 a month, Marvel Unlimited will allow you to read over 15,000+ comic books.  You can download the app on you mobile device or tablet and start reading right away.  While some might think that reading an entire page on a phone might be difficult, the app allows for panel reading.  It makes the panel fit the size of your device so you don’t have to pinch the screen or squint. The only downside is when the panel stretches multiple pages. And some of the older comics aren’t accurately fitted, which can get a little annoying.

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The library that you can read from is able to sort by character, series, event, etc. This allows you to quickly find all the comics you need without having to scroll through many issues that aren’t connected.  After you read the comic, the app can mark them as read so you never forget where you are.  If you exit out of a comic mid-way, it also keeps track of your page too. 

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Going on the road and don’t have good internet connection? Marvel Unlimited allows for offline downloads as well.  While the number of downloads at one time may be limited, you still are able to hold a lot of material assuming you have space on your device. 

See the source image

The biggest downside to this app is that comics are delayed for 6 months before they get added to the digital library for the subscription cost.  If you are eager, it still allows you to purchase them through the app to own forever, but it’ll cost extra. Because the app is updated weekly with many new issues and some fan requested ones, you’ll never run out of reading material.

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Marvel runs many promotions that lower the cost of the subscription, so check online frequently.   This is the perfect gift for anybody that is interested in the Marvel franchise or just likes to read short stories before bed.

Video Game Releases (10/2-10/9)

Here are this week’s big game releases. Scores are calculated from Metacritic. Note: Dragon Ball FighterZ and Life is Strange 2: Episode 1 released last Friday.

Mega Man 11

  • Platform(s): PS4, XONE, Switch
  • Score: 81 (PS4), 77 (XONE), 79 (Switch)

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

  • Platform(s): PS4
  • Score: 89

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

  • Platform(s): PS4, XONE
  • Score: 85 (PS4), 87 (XONE)

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

  • Platform(s): PS4
  • Score: 74

Life is Strange 2: Episode 1

  • Platform(s): PS4, XONE, PC
  • Score: 82 (PS4), 78 (XONE), 82 (PC)

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • Platform(s): Switch
  • Score: 89