Not Bargain of the Week: Decorative Birch Bundle

People of the internet scroll through endless pages to find deals.  What they found on Anthropologie’s website was the opposite of this deal.

For the low cost of $42 you can take home roughly 10-12 Birch sticks bundled up in twine. If you think that deal is to die for, England has already sold out of them. It appears that England is lacking in their Birch trees this year.

After large mocking and trolling by the internet, it appears they took down the listing for the American version. Designer stores have been making a huge profit off simple ideas like this. At Walmart, you can purchase 190 feet of twine for only $4.21.  Although they say it’s Birch, you really could use any stick that is clean enough.  A little bit of cleaning up the edges would be the most work.  Assuming you use two feet of twine to bundle the sticks up, it would cost you a total of $0.05.


That leaves you a profit margin of $41.95! So now would be a good time to start picking up sticks for our United Kingdom customers.

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