Multiple Companies Hit With Unexpected Downtime

Yesterday (10/16), Sony was the first to take the hit followed by YouTube. Around 5 PM EST, the PlayStation Network went down. This outage affected the whole network and wasn’t limited to just certain features, such as communications, store purchases, etc.  PS Gamers found themselves to be able to access nothing but their offline data.  By 9 PM EST, Users were reporting that they were able to get back online and play. 

While Sony is a large network, the security needs to be stepped up.  Over the past few years, the PSN (PlayStation Network) has been affected by outages and caused personal information to be stolen multiple times.  One attack in 2011 left the PSN down for months.  While Sony hasn’t announced what caused the outage, many speculate it came from people clicking on spam messages causing an infinite loop and crashing the system. 

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The other unknown outage came from an unlikely app.  YouTube went down around 9:40 PM EST.  Users who went to watch videos and content at this time were greeted by a TV screen with static that announced users would be unable to access their videos at that moment.  YouTube was back up within an hour of the outage.

youtube frontpage

Tech Companies are notorious for pushing updates on a Tuesday and releasing lots of new games and features on the same day as well.  These outages could be a byproduct of an update that wasn’t tested in ways they thought.  Apple users saw this through the Twitter App with numbers appearing on their notifications instead of the content of the message.  Twitter announced why their problem arose yesterday, but neither YouTube nor Sony announced why they went down.

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