Kim Announces Ye’s New Album Date

Kanye West, now wanting to be referred to as Ye, performed on SNL this past weekend.  His presence on the show was due to Arianna Grande pulling out after recent events in her life.  Before the show, Ye posted on Instagram wearing a MAGA hat and saying he wanted to “abolish the thirteenth amendment”.  He later clarified that he wants to amend it rather than abolish it.

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Credit: Kanye’s Instagram: kanyewest

On SNL, he took the stage at the end to go on a rant about how he was bullied into taking his hat off by producers. While this never aired, members in the audience were quick to record it on their phones. On Twitter, Ye posted that he was releasing his new album, Yandhi, at midnight the same night.  He anticipated that he would come second in sales behind Lil Wayne’s Tha Cater V and was fine with that.

However, all day Sunday, fans were unable to find any recordings of it on any big music database.  Some thought it was another one of Ye’s marketing strategies.  Almost 48 hours later, fans received the updated news from his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

So turns out fans only have to wait another 53 days! What would we ever do without Kim?

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