How To Turn A Cruise Ship Into A Bachelor Party


1)      Be a part of a company that is over 1,000 employees large

2)      Convince the CEO to allow a company cruise to boost moral

3)      Profit.

This is exactly what happened early September on a Royal Caribbean cruise. As reported by the Australian source, 9 News, one company did this to the horrors of other passengers. Kamla Pasand, an Indian tobacco company, blocked roughly 1,300 tickets for their employees for a cruise. The cruise ship, Voyager of the Seas, travels around East Australia and Southeast Asia and leaves port from Sydney, Australia. Its’ trips vary between 2- 5 days, this one was only 3 nights long.

While docked overnight in certain ports, some cruise lines allow to bring guests on-board for certain hours.  What happened with this cruise is that the men from the tobacco company brought along burlesque dancers that were wearing “Playboy Bunny” outfits. They also brought “crates on crates” of their own food.  Passengers described the top deck as being a constant block-party.

Customers said they were unable to use many of the facilities onboard.

Credit: A Current Affair

Privacy was gone from the families as well. Phones from Kamla Pasand employees were out constantly recording events and other families’ reactions.  Many events, such as bingo, trivia, and other activities, were canceled due to not enough participation due to deck activity.  Even the movie screen was hijacked by the tobacco company, showing their advertisement videos instead of showing the popular Hollywood movies originally planned.

After the cruise got back, many families went to complain about their experience to Royal Caribbean.  The cruise company responded with giving refunds to the families’ affected by the tragic experience. The company said they will try to prevent this from happening in the future.  For the employees of Kamla Pasand, they received no punishment, but probably won’t be able to book that many company tickets in the future.

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