High School Football Team Loses Championship After Oreo Run

Bryon High School is known in Northern Illinois for being pretty good at football.

On Oct. 26th, a few of the players recreated a stunt off a show called “Blue Mountain State”.  This stunt involved placing an Oreo cookie between their buttocks and running naked down the field. The next morning, dark and spotty security footage was reviewed and the players were called to the Principal’s office over the coarse of a week.

After interviewing all 30 players and coaches, they concluded it wasn’t hazing.  They determined the act was done completely voluntary. The 10 players that were recognizable had their parents called and suspended from their final three games of the season.

On Nov. 23rd, Byron High School made it to the Class 3A Championship game to face Monticello High School.  They ended up losing 20-24.

News of this incident was posted here. Due to the high volume at a local news level, the website went down for many hours.

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