Fortnite Cross-Play with PS4 Resolved

The long drought is over!

After months of anger at PlayStation, players got the response they were looking for. That response was that Fortnite on PS4 will now slowly be integrating into the cross-platform era. Previously, Sony announced that cross-play would never happen because they were the superior console. Their sales were the highest in the console race, excluding PC. Because money was such a huge factor, they had every reason to not allow cross-play.

For most games, this isn’t that much of an issue. The issue arose when players found by luck that some people in their lobby were on Xbox and others were on PS4. The creators explained that this was simply an error and shouldn’t have happened, but the technology is there should companies want to allow cross-play. What resulted was that Microsoft and Nintendo agreed that all systems would be allowed for cross-play. Sony allowed cross-play between non-competing consoles, meaning PC, iOS, and Android. In addition, any PS4 Fortnite account that logged into Xbox or Switch would be blocked from coming back to PS4.

With a blocked account, players lost all progress they made as well as losing all their money invested. Each season pass costs 9,500 vBucks ($9.50 USD) and the game is already 5 seasons into it. There are also many cosmetic upgrades people can buy as well. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that people have spent well over $500 for their account. With Fortnite being the most popular game for the time being, allowing cross-play has allowed Sony some breathing space from the angry complaints of their customers.

While cross-play is coming, Sony has announced that they will begin testing with a beta version that will be available to select accounts. For now they are just testing the waters, but hopefully this experience will encourage them to do cross-play in the future. This news is also big because Fortnite’s Season 6 starts 9/27. Soon all the debates about which console’s players are better will be settled.

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