Durant Hints At Departure

The Golden State Warriors have been the cream of the crop the past few years. With a surplus of talent, some people are going to get their toes stepped on every once and awhile. On Monday night, we were able to see the drama unfold before our eyes.

The Golden State Warriors played the LA Clippers and ended up losing in overtime to them.  At the end of the 4th quarter, Draymond Green recovered the ball with 4 seconds left and had the opportunity to win the game.  Unfortunately, he fumbled the ball and was forced into overtime without even a shot.  Kevin Durant was calling for the ball, but was ignored. They go to the huddle where the two of them have a heated exchange. Kevin Durant leaves huddle after pushed and appears to say “That’s why I’m out!”.

There has been a lot of speculation that Durant would leave the team after the end of this year. LeBron James has been trying to get him to move over to his new team in the future.  With LeBron and the Lakers needing talent and Warriors with a surplus, it is most likely that Durant will become a Laker next season.

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