Dunkin’ Donuts Announces Big Change

Today, after months of speculation, Dunkin’ Donuts announced the news that they will drop the “Donuts” from its name.  In an effort to re-brand, they will now be known as just Dunkin’ starting in January 2019.

The change was speculated for awhile since the big push for their coffee items. The Dunkin’ Brand also owns Baskin Robbins, known for their 31 flavors of ice cream.  With the removal of the “Donuts”, they are able to push different products more with less bias in the future.

The other big hint that this change was coming was from their ad campaigns.  The “America Runs on Dunkin'” campaign proved that consumers liked the shorten name with their sales numbers.  This campaign also allowed customers to slowly get used to the solo Dunkin’ name.

Whether this name sticks in the future, only time will tell.  We recently saw another company, IHOP, try this stunt.  While they claimed it was just a publicity stunt, one has to account for the amount of backlash they received from customers and even other businesses. The big difference between these two companies is that Dunkin’ slowly adjusted the market mindset, whereas IHOP did not.

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