Deal of the Week: Burger King

Last week, Burger King announced big news: nuggets were going to be on sale.  Normally what Burger King has done in the past is have a 10 piece for only $1.50.  As the years progressed, one would assume inflation might hit the deal a little and raise the price.  Astonishingly, Burger King has announced they are doing 10 pieces for only $1. This deal also includes 2 free packs of sauces of your choice. 

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Burger King also has a mobile app that allows one to place an order on their phones and click the button to let the people know when they arrive to the restaurant.  The app also includes some coupon deals as well.  Since this is a promotion and not a coupon, you are able to stack $1 nuggets with possibly a $1 Whopper sandwich.  Through some testing of our own, we found that that app is a little unstable and may crash on your phone and either not order your food or charge you and not go through.  Staff are normally generous if this happens to you and will honor any coupons used.

This deal on nuggets doesn’t have any listed end time, but normally these deals run for roughly 6 weeks.  This would run close to the Thanksgiving time where they probably run another promotion.

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