Life Hack: Become a Millionaire With Just $4.02

Many have heard about Venezuela’s crisis going on right now with their government and all the turmoil.  What people don’t realize is how much inflation is hurting their currency.

Undermining the bolivar

One year ago, the exchange rate was $1 USD for $9.97 VEF.  While that was a pretty high conversion rate, it wasn’t terrible for their country.  Currently the conversion rate is $1 USD for $248,519.95.  So with just $4.02 and a bank that will exchange the currency, you can become a millionaire.

And maybe they will regain stable economical status and bring the conversion rate back down to the ~$10 mark.  Then you can exchange it back to the USD for a huge profit.

How To: Steal An Ambulance

In this time, it is hard to get a vehicle that will draw attention without breaking the bank. This unnamed man in the video below proved the world wrong.

While he was being transported from the Inland Valley Medical Center near the Lake Elsinore area, he somehow managed to escape his restrains.  Even though he was out-numbered, he made the two paramedics leave the vehicle and somehow lost his shirt in the process. Instead of totaling the car, he only lightly smashed it before running into the desert. Police quickly caught up to him and he surrendered peacefully.

He’s just a modern day Houdini it appears.

Sesame Street’s First Homeless Character Announced

Apparently, living in a trash can doesn’t count as homeless anymore.

A neon pink puppet named Lily will be the first ever homeless character featured in Sesame Street.  Her first appearance was in a 2011 episode where she talked about her family not having enough to eat.

Apparently, Lily’s life got worse over the past 7 years. She explains that she is now living with some friends because she has no home of her own anymore.

Sesame Workshop put out their reasoning for this character in their press release:

“The rate of young children who do not have a permanent place to live has been steadily growing. More than 2.5 million children are experiencing homelessness nationwide—and nearly half of those children, 1.2 million, are under the age of six. According to the Office of Head Start, there has been a 100 percent increase in enrollment of children experiencing homelessness in Head Start and Early Head Start programs over the past decade, with 2016-17 marking a record number.”

With the addition of this character, hopefully kids will be able to relate to the character or show more sympathy to other children that face similar issues.

Steph Curry Thinks Moon Landing Was Faked

Earlier this week, Steph Curry appeared on Vince Carter’s podcast called “Winging It“.  It’s a podcast where famous basketball players get together and talk about random subjects. One of the topics that came up was if we ever landed on the moon.  Amazingly, they all agreed that we’ve never been there.  Curry even implied that the government was covering up the past.

While they all agreed they thought it was staged, Curry is taking most of the heat.  He is being covered all over because of his ideas.  Astronaut Scott Kelly, who recently got back from his 520 days in space, even chimed in on Twitter.

It will be interesting to see how Curry will respond to all the people poking fun at him.  The Warriors are also not having one of their better starts and have internal team drama, so Curry is having an exciting year it looks like.

Stranger Things Season 3 Teaser Announced

Netflix subscribers love their Stranger Things show.  When they decided to tease the third season, it amassed over 1.4 million views within 20 hours.  The video below gives viewers some phrases that will probably relate to the new season somehow.  The video provides no footage or expected date except it will appear in 2019.

People will just have to wait for the 1985 summer adventure for a little bit longer.

Facebook Title Dethroned By Consulting Group

Glassdoor has put out their annual “Best Places to Work” list for 2019. Last year’s winner was Facebook, but they’ve faced many issues this year.

Earlier this year Mark Zuckerberg went before congress to testify how Facebook handled it’s data sharing with companies. Followed by that, the faced internal struggles with Trump politics which resulted in Oculus VR co-founder, Palmer Luckey, being fired for his support of Trump.

With all that happened this past year, Facebook has dropped down to 7th overall best place to work. They are also the second best tech company behind Zoom Video Communications. The top dog this year goes to Bain & Company, a management consulting group. Ironically enough, William Bain Jr., co-founder of Bain & Company, previously worked at the Boston Consulting Group, which placed 5th overall.

See the top ten ranked companies below:

  1. Bain & Company
  2. Zoom Video Communications
  3. In-N-Out Burger
  4. Procore Technologies
  5. Boston Consulting Group
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Facebook
  8. Google
  9. lululemon
  10. Southwest Airlines

High School Football Team Loses Championship After Oreo Run

Bryon High School is known in Northern Illinois for being pretty good at football.

On Oct. 26th, a few of the players recreated a stunt off a show called “Blue Mountain State”.  This stunt involved placing an Oreo cookie between their buttocks and running naked down the field. The next morning, dark and spotty security footage was reviewed and the players were called to the Principal’s office over the coarse of a week.

After interviewing all 30 players and coaches, they concluded it wasn’t hazing.  They determined the act was done completely voluntary. The 10 players that were recognizable had their parents called and suspended from their final three games of the season.

On Nov. 23rd, Byron High School made it to the Class 3A Championship game to face Monticello High School.  They ended up losing 20-24.

News of this incident was posted here. Due to the high volume at a local news level, the website went down for many hours.

UK’s Royal Mail Delivers To Heaven

Sean Milligan, an assistant delivery office manager with Royal Mail, had a tough task for him the past few weeks.

7 year old Jase wanted to mail a birthday letter to his late father.  He didn’t know the address to reach his father, so instead he wrote: “Mr. Postman, Can you take this to Heaven for my dad’s birthday? Thanks”.

Luckily for Jase, Mr. Milligan was on the case and wrote a letter back to Jase proclaiming it was a tough delivery route, but it was successfully delivered.  Jase’s mother, Teri Copland, posted her story to Facebook for all to read. The post has been shared over 275k times and continues to travel around the internet.


Best Place to Find Fecal Matter in McDonald’s: Kiosks

Nothing better to start your work day than with a McCrappe, er McCafe.

When McDonald’s announced the addition of their touchscreen kiosks, younger people rejoiced, while the older generation complained about the technology. They improved the ordering process for McDonald’s drastically and could focus more on customer satisfaction instead of being behind the counter taking orders. All seemed like plus signs, but there was a hidden enemy.

Recently, the Metro published a story about their findings in McDonald’s. Researchers in London went to 8 separate McDonald’s and found a large amount of bacteria that resides on the touchscreen themselves. While there were some forms of bacteria that were found in some and not others, they all contained traces of fecal matter bacteria.

Dr. Matewele, microbiology researcher at London Metropolitan University, said, “Seeing Staphylococcus on these machines is worrying because it is so contagious”. Staphylococcus is a bacteria that can lead to blood poisoning and toxic shock syndrome. There are also some fears that is becoming resistant to antibiotics as well.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, NOVEMBER 26TH 2018. Dr. Paul Matewele, Doctor and researcher of Microbiology and Immunology in the London Metropolitan University School of Human Sciences, is pictured in his laboratory in London, 26th November 2018. Dr. Matewele has discovered several forms of bacteria on the self-service machines in McDonald's fast food restaurants around the country. Photo credit: Susannah Ireland

Dr. Paul Matewele , microbiology and immunology expert, was shocked at the findings (Picture: Susannah Ireland for

McDonald’s claims to clean these screens daily, but Matewele believes this is untrue or that they are not using strong enough cleaner.

The best thing one can do to counter these bacteria is to wash your hands after ordering your food on the kiosk.

Not Bargain of the Week: Decorative Birch Bundle

People of the internet scroll through endless pages to find deals.  What they found on Anthropologie’s website was the opposite of this deal.

For the low cost of $42 you can take home roughly 10-12 Birch sticks bundled up in twine. If you think that deal is to die for, England has already sold out of them. It appears that England is lacking in their Birch trees this year.

After large mocking and trolling by the internet, it appears they took down the listing for the American version. Designer stores have been making a huge profit off simple ideas like this. At Walmart, you can purchase 190 feet of twine for only $4.21.  Although they say it’s Birch, you really could use any stick that is clean enough.  A little bit of cleaning up the edges would be the most work.  Assuming you use two feet of twine to bundle the sticks up, it would cost you a total of $0.05.


That leaves you a profit margin of $41.95! So now would be a good time to start picking up sticks for our United Kingdom customers.