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FedEx Shipping Cost Hike Coming

FedEx decided to be a little greedy this holiday season.  With a good day on the stock market, FedEx is trying to keep the money flowing their way.  Their website has just put up that shipping rates will increase starting Jan 7th, 2019. The percentage change is averaging to a 4.9% increase across the board. While this number is pretty […]

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What Happens Next: Ferry Vs Giant Crane

A Barcelona Dock got an exciting Halloween morning when a ferry decided to get a little close.  Ironically enough, the ferry was named Excellent. In the video below, you can see the nose of the ferry ram into the crane before they slowly back up.  The crane falls and catches fire shortly after.  Officials reported that there were no casualties […]

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Canada Legalizes Weed

Marijuana is now allowed for recreational use in all of Canada, sort of.  The Trudeau Government passed the bills needed in order for marijuana to be sold to all through government-run stores.  Currently they have 12 stores located all around the country.  Their prices vary from place to place, but it only costs between $5.87-13.13 CAD ($4.13-10.09 USD). Prices that […]

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How To: Make A Profit Off Destroyed Art

Step 1) Become a world famous artist Step 2) Sell work at auctions Step 3) Destroy original, but leave enough of it intact so one can recognize what it was. Step 4) Profit   That is what happened this past week with the secret artist, Banksy.  While his intentions may have been to show that you shouldn’t put a price […]

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Winners from the 2018 AMA’s

The AMA’s (American Music Awards) kicked off last night (10/9) at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Below is the list of the winners from each category: Artist of the year: Taylor Swift New artist of the year: Camila Cabello Collaboration of the year: “Havana,” Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug   Favorite pop/rock female artist: Taylor Swift Favorite pop/rock male […]

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Hacks of the Month: October

When technology is introduced into our lives, people always try to test it to the breaking point and see what they can find. Although October isn’t even halfway over, we’ve already seen 3 major security issues. The companies of the month that had the flaws are Google, Facebook, and NewEgg. Let’s start with Google.  While Google was busy trying to […]

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UFC 229 Ends in Dramatic Brawl

Everybody was waiting for this event for many months.  Conor McGregor was going to defend his Lightweight Title against Khabib Nurmagomedov.  Tension was high since the matchup was announced.  Earlier this year in April, McGregor’s team vandalized Nurmagomedov’s bus and assaulted them, which caused two members to be “nearly killed” according to the Nurmagomedov camp. With legal action involved, McGregor […]

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How To Turn A Cruise Ship Into A Bachelor Party

Steps: 1)      Be a part of a company that is over 1,000 employees large 2)      Convince the CEO to allow a company cruise to boost moral 3)      Profit. This is exactly what happened early September on a Royal Caribbean cruise. As reported by the Australian source, 9 News, one company did this to the horrors of other passengers. Kamla Pasand, […]

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Wi-Fi Gets A New Naming System

With the next generation of Wi-Fi connectivity, The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced a change to their naming policies. The names of the versions will now use numbers instead of letters at the end.  The new naming convention will go as follows: Wi-Fi 1: Previously Known As 802.11b Wi-Fi 2: Previously Known As 802.11a Wi-Fi 3: Previously Known As 802.11g Wi-Fi […]

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Dunkin’ Donuts Announces Big Change

Today, after months of speculation, Dunkin’ Donuts announced the news that they will drop the “Donuts” from its name.  In an effort to re-brand, they will now be known as just Dunkin’ starting in January 2019. The change was speculated for awhile since the big push for their coffee items. The Dunkin’ Brand also owns Baskin Robbins, known for their 31 flavors […]

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Australian Attacks Lead to Culling

With the arrival of the spring season in Australia, the beaches are starting to attract more people as well as some aquatic creatures.  Last week, the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland saw shark attacks that injured two people. These attacks were also within 24 hours of each other, prompting officials to step in. While shark attacks are nothing new to Australia […]