Canada Legalizes Weed

Marijuana is now allowed for recreational use in all of Canada, sort of.  The Trudeau Government passed the bills needed in order for marijuana to be sold to all through government-run stores.  Currently they have 12 stores located all around the country.  Their prices vary from place to place, but it only costs between $5.87-13.13 CAD ($4.13-10.09 USD). Prices that low allowed for many stores to be sold out.  By 9:30 AM, The Société Quebecoise du Cannabis reported that there were over 10,000 sales made. 

Because so many sales were made and the season is getting colder, getting a supply will take a little bit longer to replenish.  Their current allowed amount is only 30 grams per transaction, which is plenty for most.  The government set this limit because one shouldn’t need more than that and it will help to deter anybody from becoming a dealer.

Even though some will have to wait longer, many are just happy to no longer need a doctor’s approval.  Before this, many got around this from getting notes from doctors online fairly easily. Now they can don’t have to play that game anymore.

Marijuana laws mimic the tobacco laws per state.  Some areas carry a fine for smoking use, so one has to know their tobacco laws. For the most part, the worst that can happen to one is getting slapped with a semi-hefty fine.

With so many eyes on Canada, we will have to see which countries also adopt marijuana for recreational use.  The US may see a drastic drop in criminal cases and incarcerated if it ever gets approved nationwide.

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