Burger King Steals McDonald’s Customers With Simple Trick

With the age of technology, we are constantly distracted with notifications from our phones.  Burger King decided to capitalize on this phenomenon.


From now until Dec. 12th, if you have the Burger King app on your phone and approach within 600 ft. of any McDonald’s, you will receive a coupon for a 1¢ Whopper sandwich.  This works similar to how apps like SnapChat handle GeoFilters.  Every phone has location services that you must enable to use the app.  Because you enabled location services, your phone gets put on a map.

This custom map has a cyber fence around certain locations that allow you to access features when you are within this fence.  For SnapChat, it allows you to use custom filters for that region.  With the Burger King app, they put fences around most McDonald’s instead. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, this offer isn’t valid unfortunately.  For only a penny, this deal is way too good to pass up.


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