Border Patrol Agent Burns $8 Million For Gender Reveal

Dennis Dickey, 37, of Tucson, Arizona is known by many titles. His most prominent title used to be his Border Patrol Agent, but now it is most likely Arsonist.

Dickey, his wife, and a few of their friends were holding a gender reveal party last year out in a field. A gender reveal party is when an object is filled with a substance that creates a pink or blue aftermath to show everybody the gender (typically blue = boy and pink = girl). Parties like these used to be simple with a balloon release or cupcake filling to announce gender.  People now have begun to up their game.

Dickey decided to endanger his pregnant wife and friends by using tannerite, a highly explosive substance, in a dry brush field.  Luckily one of his friends recorded the explosion that you can see here.  And to follow up, instead of dousing the flames they created, they just left the scene for the fire to spread.

The end result was that we now know he was having a son. After a few weeks, we also know that fire did upwards of $8 million of damage to the Sawmill area. He will now face 5 years of probation and will have to pay back the damage costs starting with an initial $100,000 payment.  Local reports say he will most likely have to pay $500 a month for 20 years, which only total $220,000.

Looks like his newborn son won’t be getting any presents anytime soon. Such a Dickey move.

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