Australian Attacks Lead to Culling

With the arrival of the spring season in Australia, the beaches are starting to attract more people as well as some aquatic creatures.  Last week, the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland saw shark attacks that injured two people. These attacks were also within 24 hours of each other, prompting officials to step in.

While shark attacks are nothing new to Australia or even countries that have open-sea beach access, there needs to be a solution to preventing these attacks.  Most popular tourist beaches in Australia have a shark net to weed out most of the larger ones to reduce serious injuries. The backup plan is what angers the PETA and Humane Society groups of the world.

Fishing authorities took out boats to trap and humanely dispose of sharks. Over the weekend, they killed 6 larger sharks hoping to scare away any possible predators. The Humane Society Australia has responded on twitter saying, “HSI acknowledges the need for bather protection, however culling sharks is not the solution. Personal shark deterrents, aerial surveillance, improved alert systems & education are more effective measures to reduce the incidence of shark-human interactions”

Australian authorities are urging people to stay out of the water for a little bit longer while cautionary measures are more stabilized and to not throw any food scraps into the water. Their measures appear to be effective so far. According to Tracking Sharks, 27 shark attacks have been reported in the USA, while Australia only has 17.

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