App of the Week: WinView Games

Over the weekend, an ad popped up for betting on a football game.  This ad was for a company called WinView Games.  It is an app that allows anybody over the age of 18 to place bets on many different sporting events in the US.  It allows users to be able to bet with fake points or use real money.

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While sports gambling is still a controversial subject in the US, many other countries around the world have already adopted this idea.  Apps like these allow quick bets to be made, which may be harmful to those with an addictive personality or gambling issues.  Because it gambles with real money, you cannot find this app on the Google Play Store or Apple Marketplace.  Instead, you must go to their website and download it yourself.

While it has some setbacks, such as you can only gamble on one game at a time, it has many perks.  The first is the ability to earn money without spending a penny.  I gambled with points for a football in a global pool and ended up placing in the top 16, earning me $1.00.  While it may not be much, it’s more than I started with.

The live updating with bets is also very nice and fast.  They give the opportunity to make more bets to earn more and can keep you up to date if you aren’t actually watching the game.

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Being able to connect through Facebook is a great feature, even though Facebook hasn’t had the best month.  While you might have to worry about security issues taking place, it makes it easy to invite friends and have your own league.

Be sure to check out WinView Games and give them a try. And Gamble Responsibly.

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