App of the Week: Tik Tok

What is Tik Tok?  Well since August 2018 it currently is the new name for the app formerly known as  The main purpose of this app is to pick a sound bite and record yourself lip syncing. It also allows you to do collaborations using other people’s videos.

Apps like these are trying to fill the void that Vine has left. It is a low skill requiring performance with the possibility of gaining a following. Because it is such a low entry cost, the app gets oversaturated with poorly done content.

While there are some good videos out there, there are so many bad one.  If you are wanting to cringe, download this app and see for yourself. So check out Tik Tok if you either want to create content or want to watch others to feel less bad about yourself.

Their marketing campaign is also kicking up more, so they plan to be in this for the long run. Check out the video below for a sample of what you’re missing

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