App of the Week: Marvel Unlimited

With Infinity War out on digital and physical discs and Captain Marvel coming up, one might feel lost trying to understand where the story is going within the MCU.  There are so many people to keep track of and we know the movies can’t show all the things that the comics can.  Comic books are now a little costly item, selling for around $2.50 an issue.  Luckily Marvel has created an app to solve some of those woes.

Coming at a cost of $69.99 yearly or $9.99 a month, Marvel Unlimited will allow you to read over 15,000+ comic books.  You can download the app on you mobile device or tablet and start reading right away.  While some might think that reading an entire page on a phone might be difficult, the app allows for panel reading.  It makes the panel fit the size of your device so you don’t have to pinch the screen or squint. The only downside is when the panel stretches multiple pages. And some of the older comics aren’t accurately fitted, which can get a little annoying.

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The library that you can read from is able to sort by character, series, event, etc. This allows you to quickly find all the comics you need without having to scroll through many issues that aren’t connected.  After you read the comic, the app can mark them as read so you never forget where you are.  If you exit out of a comic mid-way, it also keeps track of your page too. 

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Going on the road and don’t have good internet connection? Marvel Unlimited allows for offline downloads as well.  While the number of downloads at one time may be limited, you still are able to hold a lot of material assuming you have space on your device. 

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The biggest downside to this app is that comics are delayed for 6 months before they get added to the digital library for the subscription cost.  If you are eager, it still allows you to purchase them through the app to own forever, but it’ll cost extra. Because the app is updated weekly with many new issues and some fan requested ones, you’ll never run out of reading material.

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Marvel runs many promotions that lower the cost of the subscription, so check online frequently.   This is the perfect gift for anybody that is interested in the Marvel franchise or just likes to read short stories before bed.


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