App of the Week: Board Kings

Note: *This is not a paid review*

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Do you miss rolling dice and moving pieces around a game board? Then Board Kings may be the fix you’re looking for.  In this game, you start with a simple board and work your way around it.  Over time, you gather coins to be able to upgrade your board’s buildings.  The more you play, your board expands and you are able to move to new boards and get new themes, etc.

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  • Constant Updates/Events
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of time/Can use dice multipliers to use energy faster
  • Freemium, but no big gains from buying actual money
  • Customer Support has quick response times
  • Able to play with friends

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  • Chance factor for getting certain items (Gold Blocks)
  • Certain points can drag on with saving for upgrades

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If you need a game that has good gameplay value and not too many ads in it, play this game.   It’s available on the iOS Marketplace and Google Play Store for free. Go and relive the glory days of board games.

Google Play Store: Link

iOS Marketplace: Link

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